Where Should You Study Abroad?

Study Abroad: We often hear people recommend Indian Institutes over foreign institutes with the reasoning that India has many premier institutes like IITs and IIMs which offer similar infrastructure and placement opportunities. However, studying abroad has its own benefits. First and foremost, even though IITs and IIMs lead the way in Engineering and Management studies and universities like JNU and DU offer quality education in ARTS, Science, and Humanities, very few Indian institutes of Higher Education feature in top 200 institutes in the world. The lack of Indian varsities in the top 100 shows that India still needs to innovate and improve in the domain of higher education. Apart from the obvious ranking factor, here we bring you five other reasons which should provide you the necessary motivation to study abroad.

Learn about New Cultures: The first and foremost reason to consider study abroad is that you will no longer be the frog in a well. When you visit a foreign country for studying, it helps you learn and develop new perspectives about various issues. You also learn about new cultures which help you broaden your horizon.

Education: The education system in different countries vary vastly. Learning into a new environment, through different methods and systems is going to help you learn a completely new side of your area of interest (subject) which you might not get to learn in your home country.

Language Skills: It is mandatory at a lot of foreign universities to learn a foreign/native language. While you may learn to speak the language in your home country as well but learning and communicating with native speakers help you learn the fineries of a language in a much better way.

Career Opportunities: Studying abroad helps you increase your employability. Companies value life skills which a candidate picks up during their study tenure in a foreign country. In the current scenario when the world is becoming a global village, a degree from a foreign university increases your visibility among a pile of applicants.

Graduate School Admissions: In case you wish to pursue higher education and/or research from a foreign university this can be your key to stand out from thousands of other applications. Graduate School Admission Boards view study abroad experiences as a candidate’s ability to adapt and accept new challenges.